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Interference a.k.a Playback (short)

Status: Post-production
Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Short- 5 minutes

K7 (short)

Status: Script / in development
Genre: Sci-fi/Action/Thriller 
Short- 5 minutes

IWGTL (web series)

Status: Script / in development
Genre: Comedy /Mockumentary
Episodic- 5-7m episodes | limited micro-series

Of Embers & Driftwood (web series)

Status: Script / announced
Genre: drama
Episodic- Limited micro-series  

Countdown to a Kiss

Status: Script/ in development
Genre: Romantic Comedy /Drama
Feature- 70 minutes

Best friends since childhood, Genny and Jack reunite for the holidays. But reminiscing about the good times stirs hidden feelings and a single kiss between besties could change everything. 

Miracle on Mehalia

Status: Announced
Genre: Holiday/Family
Feature- 70 minutes
Janeen Barker returns home to salvage her late grandmother’s house only to find herself unwelcomed and her extended family divided. When a college student who volunteers as a senior companion drops by to pay her respect, Janeen learns more about her grandmother than she ever knew and maybe a way to unite her feuding family.

Untitled Adventure Comedy

Status: Script / in development
Genre: Adventure /Comedy
Feature- 70 minutes